Sunday, December 21, 2014

My New Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera (and Giveaway with radbag)

Hey everyone, happy holiday season! Christmas is super close (I'm so excited and can hardly wait any longer... ;)) and today I'm gonna show you my newest toy and you'll find a great giveaway at the end of this blogpost, my Christmas present for you! :)

You know I love taking photos and I always take my phone or a camera everywhere I go. This fall, I was contacted by radbag which is a really cool website for different kinds of gifts and lifestyle products. We worked out a cooperation and I chose the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic camera to be able to take polaroid photos. Such a great toy, eeeeks!
Because it's the Instax mini camera, all polaroid photos are in the size of a business card.
The paper is glossy and you can take great shots of people or everyday situations.

My new Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

The camera has a motorized collapsing lens and can focus fom 60cm (and from 30cm in the macro mode).
What is super cool is that this camera has so many features, although it is just a mini polaroid camera. There's a macro mode, you can adjust the brightness, there's a self-timer mode, you can switch the flash on and off, there's a party mode, a kids mode (for faster moving subjects or objects), a landscape mode and even the option for double exposure and on top, this camera even has an additional bulb long mode, sooo cool!
When taking a photo, it always takes some seconds until the motif appears and becomes clearly visible. To me (I have been wanting a polaroid camera for so long!) this is so so exciting!
I played around with the camera and tried to get used to the features. Sometimes I still forget to switch off the flash as in this photo I took from my working area. :D
My fave feature is the double exposure mode when you take two photos after each other and they come out as one single photo.
As you can see, I first took the photo of the clothes rack, then I took a close-up photo and both came out as one polaroid. So cool! I will keep on practicing this. :) Can't wait for summer with taking shots of my face with ice cream layered over it or with the ocean in the background!
When I was at university (yes, those wonderful buildings are part of my campus ;)), I also took the camera with me and had another try at playing with double exposure. Thus, there are the building and the archway in one photo. It looks as if the archway is in the shape of a cookie cutter, cutting out this shape of the house's photo.
When having taken a photo, the polaroid immediately comes out from the top of the camera and then takes some seconds to be visible.
When shaking too much, my self-portraits always get blurry, I'm gonna need some more practice. :)
This camera is so cool and I can't wait to take more photos throughout the year and start taking polaroid snapshots of my family members this Christmas!

When visiting radbag, you'll see that there's - apart from many other gift ideas - also a Fujifilm Instax photo printer for smartphones, in case you rather prefer this. :) If you need a last minute Christmas gift or a present for yourself, make sure to order today, because according to radbag all orders coming in until midnight will be shipped just in time for Christmas. Moreover, if you need embellishment for you Christmas present packages, radbag has made a freebie with pretty gift tags for Christmas.

Photo Challenge Giveaway: Win a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Polaroid Camera

Hooray, here's a fabulous giveaway for you as a Christmas present and to thank you for your support throughout this wonderful year!

One lucky ready of you can win the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic camera to go on own photo adventures, yippie! I want you to participate in a little photo challenge, more information below.

Here's what you have to do in order to enter the giveaway photo challenge:
- Post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #radbagphotochallenge and link @luloveshandmade in your posting.
- This Instagram posting should show or express why YOU should win this Fujifilm Instax Mini camera.
- The challenge ends on Sunday, January 4, on midnight, so you have exactly two weeks to enter.
- Please only post one submission per person. It's about photo idea quality, not quantity.
- Only submissions which fulfill all criteria will be taken into account when choosing a winner.

The person with the most creative / charming / funniest entry wins. :) The winner will be contacted shortly afterwards and then directly receive the camera from radbag. If the winner doesn't answer within two weeks, I will then choose a new winner.

Good luck, I can't wait to see your submissions!

Happy holidays!

P.S.: This obviously is a sponsored post for a cooperation with radbag who provide the cameras for me and the winner. Of course this doesn't influence my personal opinion on the product.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

New Shop: Products with Luloveshandmade Illustrations

Yippie yippie! It's been some weeks since I posted here and now I'm back with great news: during the late summer days and cozy fall weeks, I have been working on many new illustrations and uploaded them on society6 in order to make them available as different products.

Shop My Products on society6

They are sold as prints, phone cases, shirts, tank tops, hoodies, baby clothes, pillows, tote bags, wall clocks and mugs.

Luloveshandmade Art Prints

When uploading an illustration on society6, it is automatically available as art print. On the screenshot above you can see most of my motives.

Colorful Mugs

One product category that I like a lot are the mugs. Mine are available in many different designs and brighten up every office desk or coffee table.
To make my everyday life even more pretty, I got myself this awesome office tool mug with my own illustration. I love it a lot!
This mug is so damn pretty, I hope I won't ever break it!

Pretty Phone Cases

What is also available in my society6 shop are phone and ipod cases. You can order them for all recent iphone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Above you can see some of my favorites. Moreover, there are also cases for ipods.
This one is my total favorite, ordered for an iphone 5. Too bad that there are no cases for my 'old' Samsung Galaxy S3, but somebody else will sure be happy about this case... :)
The case is made from hard plastic and is so nice to look at. I love my plant pattern so much!

Pillow Cases with my Illustrations

If you are looking for something pretty for your home, there are lots of different pillow cases that you can now get in my shop.
  This mixtape pillow with its bright colors and the retro touch was my fave one and will now find its home on my couch and I will always be happy when looking at it.

Colorful Luloveshandmade Apparel

You can also find apparel in my new shop. You can choose between normal T-shirts, V-neck shirts, tank tops, hoodies, longsleeves, kids shirts and baby onepieces. For every illustration you can choose which piece of clothing and which fabric color you want.
Of course I got two shirts for myself, the Click Click camera shirt and the Get Crafty office tool shirt. Can't wait for wearing them!
Isn't the baby onepiece incredibly cute, too?
How much I love my designs being printed! The baby onepiece is so so cute and everything came in the brightest colors, just as I had wanted it to.

Wall Clocks 

What I didn't order for my own home so far is one of the great wall clocks, but I surely will do this one day, I need at least one for my workspace area.

Pretty Tote Bags

Apart from all the products seen above and stationery cards which aren't shown here, you can also get tote bags with colorful prints.
The bags are made of durable poly poplin fabric and are perfect for grocery shopping or carrying books around. 

Yippie yay, so exciting!

It was really a pleasure working on all those designs, uploading them to my new society6 shop and ordering some of the products for myself and as gifts for loved ones.

Can't wait hearing how you like those items!
In case you are planning on ordering something, keep in mind that shipping to Germany will take longer than within the USA itself.

Happy week!