Friday, January 22, 2016

Sponsored: 25hours Hotel Number One // A Winter Trip to Hamburg

Oh Hamburg, my love! During several trips in the last few months, I have discovered my love for this beautiful city.
The more I fell in love with Hamburg, the more happy I was about new opportunities to go there again. :)
Past fall, I got in touch with the 25hours Design Hotels and they invited me to visit them in their 25hours Hotel Number One in Hamburg which was the very first one of their hotels. Over the past years, they have opened seven hotels in several wonderful cities (for example also in Berlin and Vienna) and they all look differently: sometimes cool, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes with a retro touch, sometimes mostly bright and colorful.
One year ago, I had already stayed at their 25hours Hotel The Goldman in Frankfurt for a business trip and was super excited because of all the colorful concept rooms and art hanging on every floor. This time, I now drove to Hamburg and stayed in a retro room with lots of bright light, an airy design and clear lines. The whole hotel is furnished in 60s and 70s interior.
Next to the main building from the 50s, there's even an additional guest house with separate rooms and a huge kitchen which can be shared by all guests. Such a great idea for a friend's trip with a larger group!
Our room had a super modern bathroom with a really nice design, huge shower and separate toilet space. I wish I had a washbasin like this!
You know it's all about the tiny details, isn't it? The hotel has a Disney comic book library (how cool is this?) next to the dining room and the have the nicest embroidery on their bed pillows. "Let's spend the night together" and "Almost home."
The hotel's meeting room even has a basketball basket. Haha, fun times for business meetings!
After arriving in Hamburg and getting a tour trough the hotel, we walked to the Elbe. It's about half an hour walking distance away from the hotel and it's really nice to walk along all those old houses in Ottensen. When you go to the Elbe beach, definitely go to Strandperle! It's a lovely beach bar, open all year (even nice in winter and not so crowded as in summer) and they have the B.E.S.T. fish buns! The buns themselves are so fresh and crispy and their Matjes fish is so so so delicious. Oh my, this makes my mouth water so hard while writing this text! Ha! You need to go there! :)
A walk along the beach is always lovely. :) Happy times!
At the old museum harbor Övelgönne there is a ferry station which then brings you back to the Landungsbrücken and Hamburg's main harbor. You can use the ferry with your normal public transportation ticket.
After a first Hamburg day with strolling around and eating LOTS (and I really mean it - lots!) of fish, we slept super well in the big hotel bed and then enjoyed breakfast in the prettily designed 70s style breakfast room.
No culinary wishes left open at the breakfast buffet. And all those colors! :)
The best thing about the comfy bed? There was even enough space for me to use it for handlettering. I started before going to bed and finished a Hamburg illustration in the morning. So so relaxing for me.
The whole second day in Hamburg was for exploration. Make sure to visit the Empire Riverside Hotel close to the harbor and close to the Elbtunnel (which you have to walk trough and enjoy the view of the city at night with all the lights!), go to the sky bar on the top floor and be happy about a breathtaking view over the city! They have windows on all sides and it's just amazing (but not for boyfriends who are afraids of heights, so take care... :))!
If you are a coffee lover, check out torrefaktum. Pretty store, pretty corporate design and of course good coffee (according to my boyfriend and a friend of mine who once lived near by and went there super ofen - I myself don't drink any coffee at all :)).
Hamburg's streets are so nice and there's always so so much to discover. We went to the Schanze, there's so much street art which is totally different from the motives you see in Berlin.
If you like beer, visit the Craft Beer Store next to Ratsherrn Brauerei at the Schanzen Höfe.
It's a heaven for beer lovers (they have so so many different kinds!) and guess what I chose! -  Lemonade! :D Packaging victim. This bottle was just too cute to leave it behind.
I got the funniest button at a button machine and then we had coffee and super delicious cheese cake (I even ordered a second slice of it ;)) at Herr Max, it was melting on my tongue, mhhh! If you haven't been there so far, do not only go because of the delicious cake, but also because of the pretty vintage style interior.
For dinner, we ate at Ti Breizh (House of Brittany) and their crepes were really good. Nautical flair and interior, delicous food. Afterwards, you can walk along the tiny canals at the Speicherstadt.
Hamburg, day number three: the hotel has so many more pretty rooms to offer! I loved this large one with the pink pops of color and the retro lamps.
New day, new aventures. Such an #amazing and #superb time. #thankyou for letting us stay at your hotel, dear 25hours Hotel team! :)
Strolling around foreign cities is always fun, so much to explore. I love the Övelgönne harbor with its contrast of old and new.
Park Fiction with its palm trees is not only nice to look at on magical summer evenings. At the fish market (which is open on Sundays), you can take nice photos and again take the ferry which connects Finkenwerder with the city harbor and stops in between and brings people to the Elbe beach.  
When being at the Landungsbrücken harbor, definitely go to Brücke 10. They have super delicious fish and crab buns. You can have a beer, enjoy their white wooden furniture (not too touristic!) and watch boats and ships go by.
Oh Hamburg! It has been a pleasure again!
Ahoy, dear 25hours Hotel team! Thanks for the invitation for this travel report cooperation! Can't wait to come back!

Have fun with your next Hamburg trip, check out my Hamburg board on Pinterest and make sure to ask me about some recommendations!
Thanks for reading! :)

P.S.: This blogpost was produced in cooperation with the 25hours Design Hotel. Of course everyhing written here is as always my personal opinion. Thanks for following around! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Handlettering Printable: Happy New Year 2016

Hooray, the year is coming to an end and I bet the next one is gonna be even more awesome than 2015!
This past year has been full of changes, emotions, adventures, love and friendship for me and I am more than excited about it and really in the mood to celebrate what has been and what is coming next.
To end 2015, I have prepared four handlettering printables as a free download for personal use for you. Hooray, a new year is coming and new adventures are waiting!
Download the free printable: Let's celebrate!

Download the free printable: Let's make 2016 wonderful!

Download the free printable: Awesome new year.

Download the free printable: Great 2016.

Have fun with the printables (for personal use only!)! You can use them as wall art prints, gifts, place cards on your party table or as postcards for happy new year's mail to your loved ones.

If you post photos of my work online, feel free to tag me with @luloveshandmade and to link back to me, I'd be happy to see your photos! :)

Enjoy New Year's Eve and have a wonderful start to the new year!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sponsored: Come to meet me at FLOW Magazine's gift paper station at the Mall of Berlin!

Hey Berlin-based readers, how are you today? Christmas is coming very soon and those of you who will still be going present shopping these days might be interested in this cooperation for which I am teaming up with FLOW:

Do you know pretty FLOW magazine? It's a mag filled with inspiration, ideas, insights and creative thoughts.

Because of last year's success, FLOW is again touring Germany with their gift paper station and will be in Berlin from December 17 to December 19 at the Mall of Berlin, a huge shopping center near Potsdamer Platz.

But what do I have to do with this? At this pretty station, you can wrap your Christmas presents with the most pretty kinds of paper, colorful ribbons, gift tags and holiday postcards. I will be there next Friday, December 18, roughly at about noon and early afternoon for some hours to help you with wrapping presents and provide you with some inspiration. You can get to know via my Instagram when exacly I will be there. Apart from my visit, the station will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all three days.

All other dates (for the tour stops in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich) and some pretty images can be found on the FLOW gift paper station landing page.

Will I see you next Friday?
Enjoy your holiday preparations! :)

P.S: This blogpost is part of a cooperation with FLOW magazine but this does not touch my personal opinion and taste.